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MISAweb - a web for MIcroSAtellite identification tool


MISA allows the identification and localization of perfect microsatellites as well as compound microsatellites which are interrupted by a certain number of bases. According to the scripts downloaded from the website (http://pgrc.ipk-gatersleben.de/misa/) developed by Dr. Thomas Thiel (Thiel T, et al. 2003), we designed the MISAweb to pick microsatellite DNAs from a DNA sequence.

Note: Please submit query sequence less than 30kb. If you want to identify bulk microsatellite DNAs quickly, please go to Dr. Thomas Thiel's website and run his scripts.

Enter sequence below in FASTA format:

Note: demo sequence

Parameter: i. definition(unit_size,min_repeats): 1-10 2-6 3-5 4-5 5-5 6-5; ii. interruptions(max_difference_between_2_SSRs): 100.





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