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Seven hundred and five core collections from Chinese Sesame Gene Bank were investigated in four environments of China, including Luohe in Henan province (114.02E, 33.56N), Wuhan in Hubei province (114.30E, 30.60N), Nanning in Guangxi province (108.33E, 22.84N) and Sanya in Hainan province (109.31E, 18.14N). Totally, fifty-six traits were investigated, including yield related traits, disease resistant traits, quality traits, growth cycle related traits, and morphological traits. The phenotype of each accessions and the variation of the core collections could be queried below. Description of the 56 traits is listed in the table below.

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Trait Min_Luohe Min_Sanya Min_Wuhan Min_Nanning Max_Wuhan Max_Nanning Max_Wuhan Max_Nanning Ave_Wuhan Ave_Nanning Ave_Wuhan Ave_Nanning


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Loci_ID Trait Linkage group Position P_value_with_cul P_value_without_cul Major_allele Minor_allele MAF Location



Trait name Associated loci number Description of trait
C18:2 1 The C18:2 content
C16:0 5 The C16 content(palmitic acid)
C16:0/C16:1 2 The C16:0/C16:1 ratio
C16:1 2 The C16 content(palmitoleic acid)
C18:0 3 The C18:0 cotent(stearic acid)
C18:0/C18:1 2 The C18:0/C18:1
C18:1 3 The C18:1 content(oleic acid)
C18:1/C18:2 5 The C18:1/C18:2 ratio
C18:3 3 The C18:3 cotent(inolenic acid)
C20:0 2 The C20:0 cotent(arachidic acid)
C20:0/C20:1 4 The C20:0 and C20:1 ratio
C20:1 1 The C20:1 content(eicosenoic acid)
C22:0 2 The C22:0 content
Capsule Dehiscent 4 Capsule Dehiscent of seed
Capsule Edge Number 25 Capsule Edge Number
Capsule Length 10 Capsule Length
Capsule Number per Axil 8 Capsule Number per Axil
Corolla Color 21 Corolla Color
Corolla Length 7 Corolla Length
Diameter of Main Stem 9 Diameter of Main Stem
Effective Capsule Number in Branch 13 Effective Capsule Number in Branch
Effective Capsule Number in Main Stem 11 Effective Capsule Number in Main Stem
Effective Capsule Number in Plant 4 Effective Capsule Number in Plant
Effective Capsule Numberin Plant 1 Effective Capsule Numberin Plant
Flower Lip Color 24 Flower Lip Color
Flowering Period Duration 4 Flowering Period Duration
Full Flowering Date 37 Full Flowering Date
Initiate Flowering Date 39 Initiate Flowering Date
Last Flowering Date 16 Last Flowering Date
Leaf Length 4 Leaf Length
Leaf Shape 20 Leaf Shape
Leaf Width 24 Leaf Width
Life Cycle Period 7 Life Cycle Period
Lifecycle Period 2 Lifecycle Period
Maturation Period 7 Maturation Period
Oil Content 16 Oil Content
Petiole Color 8 Petiole Color
Petiole Length 22 Petiole Length
Plant Height 14 Plant Height
Primary Branch Angle 4 Primary Branch Angle
Primary Branch Number 23 Primary Branch Number
Protein Content 6 Protein Content
Reproduction Period 1 Reproduction Period
Resistance of Macrophomina Phaseoli 2 Resistance of Macrophomina Phaseoli
Seed Color 8 Seed Color
Seed Number per Capsule 17 Seed Number per Capsule
Seed Shape 6 Seed Shape
Sesamin Content 14 Sesamin Content
Sesamolin Content 15 Sesamolin Content
SFA 4 Saturated fatty acid
SFA/USFA 3 The ratio of SFA and USFA
Susceptibility of Phyllody Disease 13 Susceptibility of Phyllody Disease
Thousand Seeds Weight 1 Thousand Seeds Weight
USFA 3 Unsaturated fatty acid
Yield of Branch per Plant 17 Yield of Branch per Plant
Yield of Main Stem Per Plant 1 Yield of Main Stem Per Plant
Yield of Main Stem per Plant 8 Yield of Main Stem per Plant
Yield per Capsule 24 Yield per Capsule
Yield per Plant 5 Yield per Plant