SesameFG: Sesame Functional Genomics Database




We have detected several candidate genes for some phenotypes in the GWAS. We have listed in the followed table.You can click on the link on the gene name to get more details about the associated gene.

Gene ID Located LG Related traits Gene annotation
SIN_1009480 1 Disease resistance LRR
SIN_1010870 1 Seed quality DET3
SIN_1010897 1 Disease resistance DUF538
SIN_1010931 1 Seed quality LTP
SIN_1003248 1 Seed quality CXE17
SIN_1017074 2 Disease resistance LRR
SIN_1017036 2 Disease resistance GSTF9
SIN_1017003 2 Growth cycle GF14
SIN_1023837 2 Growth cycle IAA33
SIN_1018135 2 Yiled ILR1
SIN_1022133 3 Seed quality FATB
SIN_1021838 3 Growth cycle IAA14
SIN_1015799 3 Growth cycle GI
SIN_1008977 3 Growth cycle SAD
SIN_1016759 4 Seed quality PPO
SIN_1007062 4 Growth cycle ELF9
SIN_1005440 5 Seed quality ACNA
SIN_1003867 5 Seed quality CAC3
SIN_1007671 5 Seed quality HAG2
SIN_1007554 5 Seed quality KASII
SIN_1006338 5 Yiled ACS8
SIN_1023555 5 Disease resistance LRR
SIN_1011796 5 Growth cycle COL5
SIN_1009785 6 Seed quality FAD2
SIN_1009836 6 Seed quality LOX3
SIN_1015527 6 Morphological trais  GL3
SIN_1022538 6 Growth cycle DOG1
SIN_1007270 7 Growth cycle KANT4
SIN_1019747 8 Yiled PHYC
SIN_1005989 8 Growth cycle TOC1
SIN_1010473 9 Morphological trais  MYB36
SIN_1024378 9 Disease resistance LRR
SIN_1024296 9 Seed quality FATA
SIN_1019167 10 Seed quality LTP4
SIN_1005755 11 Seed quality NST1
SIN_1009923 11 Seed quality START
SIN_1024652 11 Seed quality KASII
SIN_1013005 11 Seed quality Lipase
SIN_1013020 11 Growth cycle ABI5
SIN_1014512 12 Yiled DFL1
SIN_1001803 12 Seed quality KASI
SIN_1004295 13 Growth cycle GRF2
SIN_1019256 14 Seed quality DGAT2
SIN_1004921 15 Morphological trais  MYB121
SIN_1025617 15 Morphological trais  MYB113
SIN_1017183 16 Growth cycle ARF
SIN_1007213 16 Seed quality LTP