SesameFG: Sesame Functional Genomics Database

General introduction

As a worldwide grown oilseed crop, sesame has high oil content and contains a stably high proportion of unsaturated fatty acid. And it has a small diploid genome and short period of duration, making it an attractive species for genetic studies of oilseed crops. With the advancement of NGS technology, genome sequencing, large-scale genome re-sequencing, transcriptome sequencing and SSR development were carried out for sesame in the last few years. The genetic information which is significant for the functional genomics research of sesame have become available, including the reference genomes, genomic variations, gene expression profiles and SSR markers. To promote the functional genomics research of sesame, the genetic information combined with the comprehensive phenotypic information were collected and integrated in the web-based database, named SesameFG. The current version of SesameFG contains phenotypic information of 705 sesame accessions, de novo assembled genome of three sesame varieties, 5,407,981 SNPs identified from the re-sequencing data of the 705 sesame accessions, gene expression profiles of five tissues, 104,836 genomic-SSR markers, and associated peak SNPs and candidate genes of the importance agronomic traits. All phenotypic and genotypic information in SesameFG is available for online query and download freely. And SesameFG provides useful search function and data mining tools, including genome browse and local BLAST service. In particular, the geographical details, plant images and phenotype information for various sesame accessions were available, which is extremely valuable for genetic research. SesameFG will be updated regularly with new features, new phenotypic and genotypic information.


This work was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31401412), Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS-ASTIP-2013-OCRI), and Core Research Budget of the Non-profit Governmental Research Institution (1610172014003)


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